In this post I will focus on one of the 9 higher chakras that revealed themselves to Colin Bloy in August 1987. This was after the worldwide meditation convocation led by José Argüelles. They estimated that millions of people travelled to sacred places in their countries to take part in order to allow the new era from Acuarius to move forward.

At the beginning only 5 chakras of 9 were noticeable and were confirmed by psychics, it wasn’t until 1990 in a healing seminar in Madrid where the forms of the remaining 4 were discovered.

These chakras that are outside of our etheric body’s, connected to us at the same time, serve for a greater purpose in the awakening of humanity’s consciousness. It could be that these new chakras were already there but we were not ready to integrate them, or they really appeared from scratch as soon as humanity was able to start an expansion of consciousness, who knows….

Colin Bloy explained his vision about how humanity was able to raise their consciousness thanks to new cosmic energies, coming in around “the nineties”, and this in turn has allowed us to appear as if we have a new perspective and new potential in our consciousness. 

The 12th chakra, also called the Angelic Wings, has allowed the birth of new etheric wings for living beings, human beings and animals. It gives us access to a new higher vibrational form, related to unconditional love.

From the understanding of the higher chakras published in the magazine number 11 in December 2006, by the A.E.S.E. “Asociación Española de Sanadores Espirituales” which is based in Madrid. Today we have found a broader meaning of each chakra and at the same time we continue to discover new uses as an open system.

Colin Bloy who is the Honorary President of the A.E.S.E. devotes one chapter in his book “I`m just going down to the pub to do a few Miracles” to the New chakras and their usefulness at that time. 

Since I learned the healing technique from several masters, I have been able to verify the personal sense that each one of them has been applying in this case to the 12th chakra “the angelic wings”. 

On one hand, we can feel whether the person has incorporated wings, whether they have partial, injured, tied or non-existent wings.  We can also measure the size of the wings, which will give us information about the evolution of the individual, something we are not able to know by ourselves.

Also through the archetype healing technique we can restore the wings, fill them with energy, rediscover them and one thing I learned to do with them that still amazes me today is, being able to lift them when the person is discouraged, in a low mood or even depressed, this act makes the person feel energised, focused and anchored to the present. This is almost magical.

Just easy visualizing huge beautiful wings taking flight, filling them with energetic vigour and feeling the subtle essence with the hands accompanying the vision. This can make the person in a very short time “that can be instant or a few hours”, take back the lead of their life with strength and determination.  


The technique of healing by archetypes allows to measure in a clear way, all the organs at an energetic level.

It also gives us great information on how the person is managing their emotions and how they feel.

Just as we have our organs in the physical body of the person, in the same way they are in the energetic body. They are vibrating at a very fine level and are directly related to our emotions.

If the figure of the pancreas is not correct, we know then that the person does not enjoy life and depending on the difficulty of making the archetype of the pancreas, we can know the extent to which it is mining this emotion of not enjoying life.

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If the person has wrong the archetype that symbolizes the heart, we know that the person is distressed and has a lot of nervousness. And if the figure can be made partial we can also know to what extent it undermines the emotion.

If the person has a bad Liver Archetype, he would be quite angry and the stomach figure would not digest their life events. 

If these organs are restored to their original and perfect archetypal figure, we can redirect the emotion behind it. So the person feels liberated and is balanced in their present moment.

Complete healing only occurs, if by re-establishing the archetype the person who at this moment has a wider field of vision over his life, is able to establish the beneficial changes that will lead him/her to redirect toward a homeostasis Apart from this, we can achieve that the emotion does not transcend the physical, which as we know in part the unresolved emotions are those that in the long run can make us sick.


Colin Bloy’s energetic technique of archetypical healing, allows in the group of spiritual archetypes to balance our vision and path. To live according to the path that the Soul came to make.

Many times we are stuck in the wheel of life that can be very absorbing. We stop paying attention to what is really important, allowing ourselves to be dragged by worldly things and situations that even if they are not bad or good, often take us away from the real purpose of our soul.   

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Through the archetype Heaven and Earth we can measure in which moment of the evolution the soul is. If the person is in balance between his spiritual path and his earthly life.

Someone can have a huge heaven and a small earth, would indicate that the person is much focused on their spiritual development but does not have the balance of the material side of life.

On the contrary, with a big earth and a small heaven, the person shows a total absorption for work, money and earthly issues, moving away completely from his spiritual side.  

The archetype Heaven and Earth is part of the group of Spiritual Archetypes where it is included; The Spirit, Feminine Essence, Male Essence and the Cube.


In a previous post on the main organs we commented that through Colin Bloy’s Archetypes healing and rebalancing technique, we could diagnose the heart and pericardium and restore the flow of the archetype which in turn would lead to an improvement in the function of this organ. Also in doing so, we would be releasing emotional baggage.

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In connection with this organ there are archetypes for measuring and rebalancing the whole circulatory system. We can measure if the person has a healthy blood flow, also if they have high, low or normal blood pressure, and if their white and red blood platelets are optimal. 

It is curious that in the archetypical figure of blood capsules that a person should have, it is possible to measure whether the person is lacking minerals such as iron or any other components. In order to reaffirm this we should then measure other associated organs such as the liver, thymus and spleen to back up this information.

Through this technique we can both measure if the person has any cholesterol disorders and rebalance the figure to perfection but also regulate the physical imbalances from the whole circulatory system.


I learned the technique of healing by archetypes about 20 years ago from Carmen Vazquez close to Barcelona.

I came to her because in the apartment where I lived at the time, I felt like something that I didn’t see was touching my back and arms while I was sitting on the couch or in bed. They advised me to go and see her, so I did.

She has a great ability to work this technique, what it came down to was that my subtle emotional body was loaded with entities and this is basically what I was feeling.

I left her practice, I felt light, lively and fresh. A few weeks passed and I felt the same way again, so I made an appointment again and went to see her again looking for advice.

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As the technique is very extensive and can be measured and then rebalanced many aspects that are part of us, some things came out off-balanced again.

This often happens when we are not fully aware of how we interact with our body, mind and emotions, in addition to regularly practicing some energetic discipline that focuses and offers balance. She offered me to attend her first course which would take place in a few weeks and learn to be self-sufficient and balance myself.

This course led me to experience being able to touch and feel my own and my colleagues’ energy fields and figures. We learned that the technique can be worked on from a distance and that everything can be rebalanced.

It is true that the ability to measure with more accuracy you learn through practice, also needing less time to feel and rebalance all the archetypes in a person.   Over the years I have had another Master:  Miguel Angel Gomez Rodicio, a humble person, great channeler and connoisseur of archetypes. With him I went more in-depth and have learned and continue learning new archetypes that he channeled.

I really love this technique, it’s so simple and has great healing potential. I encourage you to learn this technique you’ll be amazed.

– Colin Bloy
– Miguel Ángel Gomez Rodicio