When you are lucky enough to have a dog in your life, you realize that there are certain things you need to take into account to make your four-legged feel good.

Fireworks are something that our 4 paws do not carry well. The degree of anxiety and fear depends on the intensity of the fireworks and obviously also on the character of the dog, but generally having a much more developed sense of hearing as they capture sounds up to 60,000 Hz, compared to 20,000 Hz that we hear, we can understand that the noise emitted by fireworks can be perceived as a kind of threat.
Among the flower essences and their disciplines offers a wide range of essences that can minimize the impact they have on them.

The ideal is that we work with our dog in parallel with the essences to strengthen their self-confidence and self-management so that finally this changes become permanently part in our dog.

After studying the character of the dog we can make a personalized bottle, combining the different floral disciplines and obtain a more specific remedy for each case.

Some essences that work on the fear, anxiety, panic and terror in dogs would be;
Rescue Remedy is Bach most popular remedy, Sweet Chestnut for extreme anguish, Rock Rose for situations in which one experiences panic and terror, Mimilus for known fears, Larch for lack of self-confidence and Cherry Plum for extreme stress.

From FES California we have Red Clover to calm hysterical animals. And also in the essences from Findhorn we have First Aid that helps to relieve fear and anxiety for times of stress and trauma and also Calm me Down another excellent combination that promotes calm on a mental and physical level, offering mastery of negative emotions.

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