In a previous post I spoke to you about the essences of Green Hope Farm, and today I would like to introduce you to this wonderful combination of the Animal Wellness Collection

“Abandoment & Abuse

This combination I’ve only tried on dogs, since I have few cat clients 😉 you can see clearly a different behavior before and after.

My voluntary collaborations with Rescue dog associations where dogs can come from positive or negative environments, but since the dog is a habit animal and routines give him tranquility and confidence, coming to a kennel and living in a way they were not used to create a lot of anguish and stress.

For those who come from an environment of bad treatment and other negative circumstances, arriving at a kennel is often their salvation. Although their traumatic baggage prevents them from feeling good at first.

There is a lot of background work to do with these dogs that need to trust the human or dogs again depending on what they have experienced, showing submissive or reactive fear depending on their personality.

The combination “Abandonment and Abuse” consists of 30 flowers of which some like; Borage, Corn, Honeysuckle, Lavender, Mustard, Sweet Pea among others provide benefits for post-traumatic stress, fear of being handled, socialization problems, depression, odd phobias and so on.

Green Hope Farm
Image from Zuzanu In Pixabay