If you are blessed to share your life with a dog, you may have noticed that the dog does not like to be left alone.

A dog is a pack animal and does not perceive its life in a solitary way. When we introduce him into the family, although he is of a different species. He identifies himself with the family as “His” pack.

Each member of the family has an important position in the family hierarchy, and therefore each one of them also carries out specific functions towards the dog.

Even if you leave him with someone who is not from his usual pack, he may show anxiety when you leave.
Anxiety refers to a negative emotional state characterized by the anticipation of a threat, danger or harm to the animal.

Destructive behavior in the home, when the dog is left alone, and can also seriously injure himself. The dog does not do so as revenge but as a consequence of an uncontrolled state of anxiety. He can also do excessive vocalization like constant barking, whining and even crying.
Or an inappropriate disposal, that means when the dog urinates and defecates inside the house, even when it has been given the opportunity to relieve itself in the street.

There are other symptoms that are less common than the three mentioned above, which are: excessive salivation, unwillingness to eat, sweating, hyperventilation, excessive licking and uncontrolled physical activity.

It is true that apart from the flower essences which we shall mention, it is necessary to cover their physical exercise, depending on the type of dog, to cover their physical needs.

A dog that is satisfied with being tired by proper activity, minimizes any anxiety he may feel, and will usually sleep pleasantly for hours during your absence.


Cherry Plum – Emotional Crisis

Walnut – Adaptability to Change

Rescue Remedy – Emergency Remedy

Mimilus – Known Fears

Red Chesnut – Excessive concern about others

Elm – Overwhelmed by Responsibility

Red Clover- Calming Hysterical Animals


Scottish Primerose -Stress, agitation or inner conflict

Bell Heather – Anxiety feeling insecure

Daisy – Inner Turmoil, overwhelmed, Emotional tension

Rose Water Lily -Caught up in the Stress

Thistel – Over reaction perceived threats

Wintergreen –Desolation of loneliness

Image from Martina Bulkova in Pixabay

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