Colin Bloy’s technique, as he perceived it in the 90’s, and within the original archetypes that come from his hand is the archetype of endorphins.

As he says in his book; Iam just going down to the pub to do some miracles, published in 1990 and republished again in 1991 and for the third time with great enthusiasm in 2019, as he writes that someone once said, no matter what the doctors do, most sick people recover, because the body has the ability to heal itself.

It is certain that health keeps illness away. An important part is the desire to live and to go on living and learning to love is the most fundamental part of it and in its extension the healer can successfully awaken the consciousness and harmony of the chakras. 

What is this archetype of the pharmacy capable of?

The body takes from it all the substances necessary to return to optimal health.

Not only in the physical body but also in the mental and emotional body, although it is more focused on the physical body.

Used for sick people and post-surgery situations.

Can also be applied to animals

For Colin the primary cause of cancer is stress and that life is simply not worth living, and from this the subtle forces that keep the body healthy and in equilibrium lack strength and substance.

It is evident to healers as he goes on to explain that humans are mind, body and spirit, which is not to say that the body is not a complex system of chemical balance and interactions in the first place. 

In recent years, we speak of the 1990s it has been recognised that the body has the ability to produce endorphins to remove pain.

 What other medicaments our brain can produce and how it could produce them if the conditions were right? 

Following Colin’s assumptions in his book where he says that if so accepting this hypothesis, the person who lives a full and healthy life can have a brain that can produce whatever medications the body needs to stay healthy fully regulated consciously and unconsciously.  

From this idea Colin came up with the idea of looking for an archetype in the brain that could function as a complete pharmacy and so the archetype of the pharmacy appeared.

This powerful archetype leaves me perplexed every time I use it as it encompasses the countless substances we need to bring our full health back into balance.  

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