My dear friends here we are again to talk about the ⏹️Archetypes technique and how as we become evolved we have more archetypes at our disposal.

This surprised me a lot since I had not been confident in my ability to channel ↕️ archetypes before.

As I practiced and had more and more clients with very different issues led me to step out of my 😂comfort zone and try the new archetypes I felt.

I could see that they worked, or rather my clients confirmed it to me,-).🙄🤗

This led me to another phase beyond the practice. I felt that I could put attention and intention and from there I felt a 🔶 figure appear out of nowhere that could be a new archetype.

Before taking it for granted, it is necessary to use it, 👍🏾to perfect it and to be really sure that it is so.

So I looked for 🐷guinea pigs, who in turn were very happy to get better from their difficulties. 🤭

This past summer, ☀️observing the garden, which I watered daily as the heat and lack of water were taking their toll on the plants🌳, I thought of helping them, nourishing them, offering them what they were missing, in other words, balancing them, and there my hands felt the urge to draw a figure.

A ⏹symbol appeared asking about the plant world and its needs, the same symbol appeared again and again.

In our research group we have been able to work with it, and myself have used it countless times in my garden, the forest, some plants in particular, the moss and the grass.

With astonishing results, I must say….