Colin Bloy’s energetic technique of archetypical healing, allows in the group of spiritual archetypes to balance our vision and path. To live according to the path that the Soul came to make.

Many times we are stuck in the wheel of life that can be very absorbing. We stop paying attention to what is really important, allowing ourselves to be dragged by worldly things and situations that even if they are not bad or good, often take us away from the real purpose of our soul.   

@peter_skitterians (Pixabay)

Through the archetype Heaven and Earth we can measure in which moment of the evolution the soul is. If the person is in balance between his spiritual path and his earthly life.

Someone can have a huge heaven and a small earth, would indicate that the person is much focused on their spiritual development but does not have the balance of the material side of life.

On the contrary, with a big earth and a small heaven, the person shows a total absorption for work, money and earthly issues, moving away completely from his spiritual side.  

The archetype Heaven and Earth is part of the group of Spiritual Archetypes where it is included; The Spirit, Feminine Essence, Male Essence and the Cube.