This week we return to Colin Bloy’s technique of healing through the archetypes. And we will talk about the archetype of insomnia, yes you heard right, insomnia.

What is insomnia?

If you find it difficult to fall asleep immediately when you go to bed, it is called insomnia. If you wake up one or more times during the night, it is a sleep disturbance and would also fall under the heading of insomnia. If, on the other hand, you fall asleep quickly and usually sleep well, but wake up very early, it may be that your body has enough sleep, as this changes with age. But if you are tired and sleepy during the day, you may not have had enough sleep and this early awakening can also be classified as insomnia.

Did you know that in Colin Bloy’s Archetype Healing system there is an archetype that restores sleep? And complementary archetypes such as the Pineal gland help to restore long-term results?.

In English Colin Bloy’s healing system, Archetypal Healing, a very complete energetic healing system. This allows us to diagnose and restore, which offers benefits to the person not only to be unburdened even for an instant, but to bring a greater awareness and/or vision, in order to make changes that are necessary to maintain a state of health.

For insomnia there is the archetype that bears his name and helps all types of insomnia. Next are the supporting archetypes which would be the endocrine system, in particular the pineal gland, responsible for the production of melatonin.

Finally, we would also restore the archetype of the nervous system and the central nervous system.

Once we have worked on these archetypes, we can investigate whether the insomnia is partly caused by worries, by external influences of an organ such as the liver, the heart or the stomach, and restore their energetic figure.

All this work can then be supported with flower Essences.   

Daisy, Scottish Primrose y ladys Mantle y Birch de Findhorn. White Chesnut, Red Chesnut, cherry Plum de Bach y Chamomille, Dill, Lavender, Saint Johns Wort y Morning Glory de FEs California.  

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