If you have been following my posts, surely you know that archetypal healing is an energetic system for rebalancing the human being and returning him/her towards homeostasis.

Thanks to the Englishman Colin Bloy who rescued most of the accessible archetypes in the 90s. Several study groups in this technique after Colin´s death agree, that there is a strong possibility that these archetypes are very ancient. Also that they will once again serve humanity in its consciousness jump in the new Age of Aquarius.

Many groups also acknowledge that the energetic information of the archetypes may be from very high levels of being and that more recent archetypes can be tapped into as we move forward.
Our study group felt that animals needed specific archetypes and after many meetings we have so far been able to get 8 specific archetypes for them. Which help to rebalance the energetic and emotional part of every animal, regardless of whether they are close to humans or not.