Some time ago throughout the day I experienced that I wasn’t at my optimal energy level, which in turn led me to have difficulty in being able to perform everyday tasks, less to think about doing physical exercise. This led me to try many breath techniques, as well as Tai Chi and Chi Kung amongst others.
🎆When I came to Donna Eden’s energy routine, I liked the fact that it was a simple technique that you could do anywhere without any special equipment. And that with just a few very simple exercises of about 5 to 8 minutes the total routine, you could be balanced and full of energy.

🤗I invite you to find out more in the following YouTube video where you can see how to do the exercise doing regular lift your energy level to Max.

🕺The Four Thumps -Boosts and restores energy, increases strength and
vitality, and strengthens the immune (less tan a minute)
The Cross Crawl – Improves coordination, clears thinking (less thirty seconds)
Wayne Cook Posture – Focuses mind (one to two minutes)
The Crown Pull – Relieves mental congestion, (less thirty seconds)
Neurolymphatic Massage – sends toxins to your bodies waste (one to two minutes)
Connecting Heaven and Earth – Opens meridians, releases toxic energies (One to two minutes)
The Celtic Weave -Pulses your auric energies (one to two minutes)
The Hook Up – feel connected and centered, (less tan a minute)
The Zip -protects you from negative energies
that may be around you