If we regularly clean our home, workplace or space where we regularly spend time, what’s so strange about the fact that this space also needs to be energy optimised?

And what are the reasons why a space needs to be cleansed, balanced of energies?

Can we ourselves help to keep the spaces in balance energetically for a longer period of time and can we clean these spaces ourselves or is it necessary to hire an expert? 

-If you feel tired every time you are in this space.

-Feel restless there.

-Don’t sleep well.

-Feel angry easily.

-Or without apparent cause electrical appliances and other breakdowns occur in a row…..

Then get on top of it, your space is calling out for your help!!!. 

Why do we need to clean our spaces energetically?

It is very simple, we are energy, everything is energy and besides this we are interconnected through this energetic fluidity called life.

Furthermore for me this energy is connected to the wholeness….we can also called it, The TOTALITY,  that has many names depending on one’s beliefs.

Sometimes the spaces where we spend a lot of time are shared with others, so it not only depends on us that our space is in balance, but also on the people or animals that frequent or inhabit this space.

If we have not been able to plan the construction of this space ourselves with harmonious divisions and positioning, this also affects the flow of this space. Out of our reach are the geopathies of the earth, building compounds in the structure of the space and sensory impairment of signal towers.  If other people have lived in this space, have died in this place, or have had illnesses or continuous fights, this also affects the space.   

let’s go there….

what can we do ourselves to optimise energy?

First of all “ORDER” is very important for everything, we function better, we feel in control of the situation and it also gives us a feeling of more security.  Apart from the fact that aesthetically a tidy place is more beautiful and harmonious in itself.

Then, within tidying the space, make a selection of things, clothes, instruments, etc. that we do not need or that we have not used in recent times, simply sell them, transfer them, give them away, take them to a recycling centre.  

How often do we keep clothes, which from season to season are still there but we don’t wear them because they don’t fit us anymore and we hope one day to wear them again?

Or we don’t like to get rid of it because of the sentimental value it has, but the truth is that it takes up space and we don’t use it. Further with cooking instruments, exercise bikes, books, countless things that collect dust and create energy density. 

After this big job which can take time, and I advise to do it in sections so as not to be overwhelmed and simply move things around.

We either throw away or fix everything that doesn’t work, we keep a broken mobile phone in case we need it one day or a computer for backup. The microwave that doesn’t work but one day we will need it as we have a garden house and so on…..  If this is what you prefer then you keep it once these tools are fixed and ready for immediate use.

We get things as gifts and even though we don’t like them, they are creating a mess, so it is better to give it to someone who can use it and if not resell it or take it to a recycling site where others can come to collect it and not just use it but be happy to have it.

You can also place plants that is something that not only gives life to the space, but also purify´s the space so it help´s to balance energies. Above all, make sure that the plants are healthy, do not have dying, dry or diseased plants. If this is the case, go to a garden centre where they can help you, and often they will keep the plants themselves so that they can be cared for by an expert, you just need to buy them some new plants to keep the flow going.    

If you have to repaint the walls, use ecological paints without chemical derivatives, and put yourself in the hands of a professional to optimize the paints with floral essences that help the space to vibrate in harmony and also with a certain purpose.

If you want more information about this, you can go to the blogpost, “Flower essences for walls” or you can get advice through my email contact.

Taking a look at feng shui is another advisable tool that one can do oneself. There are countless books on the market that give you clues and there are also different measurement systems, look for the one that sounds most familiar to you.

It is true that a professional will take into account many more things, but the satisfaction one gets from doing it oneself and taking responsibility by moving one’s own energy is priceless. 

Finally there is the energetic cleansing that you can do with only 3 products,



-3 small casserole candles.


If you want to know how to do it, send me an email to joyce@joycepujolsmit.com and I will be happy to send it to you or leave a comment with your contact information on this blog post.

For many years I have been helping people to optimise their energy in general, this includes their home, work area, office, workshop etc.

I use certain archetypes that help me to create balance. I can feel from a simple blueprint the energetic state of each space, if it needs to be optimised and give you tools, tips and advice on how to do this. As well as benefiting from the archetypes in question that by placing them in the right places, they keep the harmony for a longer time.

If you feel you would like me to help you with your space, contact me, you can read more about it on my website. www.joycepujolsmit.com in the section “My tools” and “life flow session”.