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This week I would like to share
how through a ⏏️LifeFlow session we can help someone who is suffering from gastric problems.
Also to point out that you should always consult a doctor about any physical problem you may have and that energetic and vibrational healing techniques are complementary to any treatment.

Emphasise that all of our ailments have a component of mental and emotional blockage, meaning that we have not been able to manage our emotions properly. If we become aware what is beneath the body’s response, in many cases health will follow.

In the case of problems at the gastric level of the stomach, questions that will give us information about the person are;

☀️What is troubling you?
☀️Do you feel that you have emotional nourishment?
☀️Are there emotions that you don’t want to deal with in relation to people or situations?
☀️Do you often think about situations you have lived through that you feel you can’t digest?
☀️Do your feel in conflict with your dreams and your needs?
☀️When you are frustrated do you express them? Or do you repress yourself?
☀️Do you feel that you are preventing changes from happening in your life?

These answers will provide us with a lot of valuable information to choose and combine the 🌷 flower essences that are likely to work, which is a part of the Life Flow session.

👩Do you know that all stomach problems are directly related to the difficulty in accepting or digesting a person or event?

👥 The person who suffers from stomach issues shows intolerance and fear of what is not to their liking.

Hereby sharing some 🌷essences that work on stomach symtons and that we can related to the questions we asked before.

This is an example as we know no person is the same. Each case would have to be discerned on a personal basis to find out what lies beneath these symptoms that the body emits🧐.

I also really prefer not to use essences on a symptomatological level, but as a tool for self-discovery and change.

That may allow us through the changes we make to connect with the source of our health and regain our power back.

The 2 essences that would be a base for this kind of problems would be for me Chamomille from California Fes and Walnut from Bach.

Chamomille from Fes which would work on the anxiety and affective disturbances, and Walnut for the ability to adapt to new situations to feel protected during changes.

If it is due to stress and they have pain we would be talking about Dandelion from Fes and
if the gastric problems are related to fear, a good essence for this would be Saint John’s Worth.

If we are assimilating poorly, Dill from Fes is a very useful essence, and if it is due to worry, Mullein from Fes California is a good one.

Self heal is an essence from Fes that I like to include in many aspects, it helps to assimilate minerals. It offers energy in cases of exhaustion, is adaptogenic to general health conditions and enhances self-healing.

I would also like to add a combination from Findhorn which is “Healing the Cause” that can help you develope the ability to take inner responsibility for one’s own healing and not to be extremely dependent on external help.

Now we come to the part of energetic rebalancing through the Colin bloy archetypes, we would ask the person to lie down for about 20 to 40 minutes and try to relax.

This gives me the opportunity to measure the energy fields without interference from the mind or body.

First we will go through the 7 subtle bodies, each of which gives us different information about the person, then we will visualize with our sense the 7 main energy vortexes called chakras, there we will be able to appreciate another type of information that is very useful for us to delve into the areas that need to be focused.

Afterwards well measure and restore all the main organs, with emphasis on the stomach, liver, gall bladder, kidneys, pancreas and intestine.

Then we will look at the metabolism, the absorption of nutrients, cleanse viruses, infections and bacteria. Then the lymphatic system, the acidity of the body and the pharmacy which is an archetype as the name says, the person gets from there what he needs to heal. Then archetypes such as external influences that affect us, the mind and others of a more spiritual order. The last step is to put the person in the celestial egg to continue the healing on a higher level.

If you feel that this type of session is right for you, feel free to contact us at and we will take it from there.

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