My dear friends, so finally here is the summary of what many of you have asked me.

You knew that the practice of 💃dance depending on the discipline you can actually burn between 200 and 600 calories per hour? 😳🤗

We can estimate that 1 hour of contemporary dance you spend 534 calories, while the same running about 528.

Not bad, he!!!!💥

It also stimulates the 🤯brain to coordinate different areas; planning movements, remembering steps, positioning in space and sending instructions to our bones and 👯muscles to maintain balance.

Plus it offers excellent oxygenation of the brain 🧠 that helps to create new neural connections and can facilitate multitasking.

In addition to what it offers at the neuronal system, it also strengthens our ♥️cardiovascular system, and thus helps us to prevent many diseases🩺 such as hypertension, obesity and diabetes.

Dance also brings us 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨together, it is an exercise for socialization, especially during adolescence, but also as an adult, so guys just dance!!!!.👯

It is known that doing exercise on a regular basis provides us with endorphin release, and endorphins have a euphoriant and therefore anti-depressant effect.
Dancing also strengthens our muscles and bones, especially those of the lower body, although in dances such as contemporary, jazz and classical, the upper body is also involved.

So knowing all this, the best way to start your day is to put on your favorite 🎶 song, and just let yourself move like never before👯👯👯👯. You’ll feel how relaxed you start your tasks, and your soul will be smiling.

Is there a better way to start?🤔