In the last few months I have shared with you some ways to enjoy flower essences. Apart from the usual way, which is to put x ml drops directly under the tongue, they can also be applied on the skin of the body and/or the specific area to treat the emotion.

We also talk about adding them to the bathtub in the water, also we can make them in cream and let them absorb by the soles in the hands and feet especially for children.  There is also the option of spraying them in sprays, which is a good choice for environments or animals. 

And we even talk about how to improve the energy and purpose of rooms of our house by including essences in environmentally friendly wall paint.

Today I would like to share other ways to enjoy these precious drops of consciousness. There are hollow pendants on the market that can hold from 5 to 20 drops depending on the size, this is a very good way to enjoy their constant vibration. 

Another way is to include the recipe of special essences in the bath gel or in the shampoo if we are working more concentration or lack of attention or dispersion.

If you have a cold and need to do inhalation vapors, another great way to receive essences this way.