šŸŒ¼Flower essences are wonderful allies that help you to catalyze in addition to their action as a particular remedy, they have the property of accelerating a process and acting as an unblocking and opening agent.

šŸŒ·Today we will identify some essences from the philosophies of šŸŒ»BACH, šŸŒ¹FES and šŸŒ¼FINDHORN to help us to open, recover, attune, discover, and rediscover šŸŒ‹CREATIVITY.

When we think of personal creativity, images of people with a certain artistic quality come to mind.
When you ask someone about their ā˜€ļøcreativity, many will tell you that they are not creative, that they šŸ™ˆdon’t have an artistic ability.

Thinking that we are all šŸŖcreators and as such there are many ways to deal with an aspect of life. So let’s be creative and find dynamic, different and šŸ¦„colorful ways to deal with any issue in our daily lives.

These essences help you whether you have an artistic ability or if you feel you don’t, but would like to be more diverse.

Bach’s LARCH, which works on self-confidence and authenticity as well as the release of the potential for creative expression.
INDIAN PAINTBRUSH by FES, as the name suggests, helps as an essence to use your creative capacity and the qualitative expression of art.
FES HOUNDS TONGUE helps you to think clearly but also restores the ability to wonder in life.
BIRCH by FINDHORN helps you to open your mind, exercise your imagination and finally take a wider view.
FINDHORN GARDEN PEA cultivates confidence, helps you to the genuine expression of BEING and highlights the beauty of your artistic expression.