Denis Poltoranev
Denis Poltoranev

My belief is that the souls of animals when they die also pass into the spiritual realm just like those of human beings.

Dogs do not hide to die, but they do look for a quiet place to die where they feel calm and protected. Dogs perceive death as a natural process that is part of life as the end of a cycle, and therefore several symptoms can alert us that their time has come.

They can become less interested in food, often their blood pressure decreases and sometimes their temperature rises as a sign that they may be dehydrated.

Our dogs are aware and perceive when their owners are confronted with the difficult decision to end their suffering. This painful decision leads us to be sad and very upset and in order for our dog to be able to leave peacefully we must control our emotions and transmit a sense of tranquility, so that they cannot absorb our distress and feel vulnerable.

Pink Yarrow by FES is for me an essential flower essence to find the optimal emotional distance to others, fortifying the aura and creating a protective shield.

Although it is one of the most difficult things to do, accompanying them and being close is essential, far from being in a room with strangers when they are sick and frightened.

Mimulus from Bach and Garlic from FES are essences that work on the fear that this situation causes.

Findhorn’s Snowdrop is another vital essence to help them surrender in peace and adapt to change by releasing the fear of letting go.

There are no one-size-fits-all recipes, and each case is particular and personal, although there are 2 essences of FES that I like to include in these cases, which are Angel’s Trumpet and Angelica.

Angelica helps them to find spiritual guidance and protection as well as Angel’s Trumpet to be able to say goodbye to their actual body, and to leave fear behind, also to allow detachment and surrender.