Our dear furry friends also suffer from the condition of “apathy”. In situations like the return from holidays or when autumn arrives, they can feel down, appear sad, listless, without much life energy.

There are dogs that due to their less energetic personality, are exposed as well as in humans to feel apathy, lack of desire to do things. That leads them to sleep more than they do in general, showing a lack of interest in activities and even in serious cases don’t want to eat.

It’s important to distinguish between depression and apathy. Depression affects a dog’s ability to relate to the world around him and can lead to physical deterioration.

Some dogs also go through a rough time when they move house, because they miss the space where they have lived for years. Another circumstance that can occur is the loss of a loved one, with whom the dog felt very close, whether it was a person or another animal. In these cases there may be a risk of a deeper decline and it is more difficult to recover normality.

The most common causes that trigger depression in the dog are;
Lack of space and exercise, or too much loneliness and also the lack of stimulus and affection.

The following are recommendations for some essences that could help would be;

Borage that helps to lift the spirit of the dog that is depressed.
Penstemon can also be a valuable ally, offering strength to face difficulties.
If the animal have reached a very low state, Gorse can give hope in those who have lost it.
Wild Oat for dogs that have no direction or sense of purpose in life.
Wild Rose for those who are resigned and do not make an effort to find fun.

Love, companionship and time are essential for the animal to be happy.

If you use this vision in flower therapy with dogs or if you have another system, I would like to read your comments.

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Image from Andrea Vols in Pixabay