In FES CALIFORNIA’s floral philosophy they have very valuable essences to help our furry friends.

I will be talking about two essences that raise the spirit of an animal that may be depressed by an illness or even by being in an advanced age.

These essences are; Borage (Borago Oficinalis) and Penstemon (Penstemon Davidsonii) which are a fantastic ally for our four legs companions.

Borage has an effect on the heart and releases tension in the emotional body of the dog, it lifts the spirits and makes them happy. It also gives them courage and strength to overcome adversities and danger.

Penstemon is good for them to have inner strength during adverse circumstances. Also the ability to resist, and to be confident to hold on. And above all perseverance to overcome obstacles.

Patricia Kaminski
Claudia Stern
Image from Tadeusz Lakota in Unsplash