In a previous post on the main organs we commented that through Colin Bloy’s Archetypes healing and rebalancing technique, we could diagnose the heart and pericardium and restore the flow of the archetype which in turn would lead to an improvement in the function of this organ. Also in doing so, we would be releasing emotional baggage.

@gert_altmann (Pixabay)

In connection with this organ there are archetypes for measuring and rebalancing the whole circulatory system. We can measure if the person has a healthy blood flow, also if they have high, low or normal blood pressure, and if their white and red blood platelets are optimal. 

It is curious that in the archetypical figure of blood capsules that a person should have, it is possible to measure whether the person is lacking minerals such as iron or any other components. In order to reaffirm this we should then measure other associated organs such as the liver, thymus and spleen to back up this information.

Through this technique we can both measure if the person has any cholesterol disorders and rebalance the figure to perfection but also regulate the physical imbalances from the whole circulatory system.