The technique of healing by archetypes allows to measure in a clear way, all the organs at an energetic level.

It also gives us great information on how the person is managing their emotions and how they feel.

Just as we have our organs in the physical body of the person, in the same way they are in the energetic body. They are vibrating at a very fine level and are directly related to our emotions.

If the figure of the pancreas is not correct, we know then that the person does not enjoy life and depending on the difficulty of making the archetype of the pancreas, we can know the extent to which it is mining this emotion of not enjoying life.

@stocksnap (Pixabay)

If the person has wrong the archetype that symbolizes the heart, we know that the person is distressed and has a lot of nervousness. And if the figure can be made partial we can also know to what extent it undermines the emotion.

If the person has a bad Liver Archetype, he would be quite angry and the stomach figure would not digest their life events. 

If these organs are restored to their original and perfect archetypal figure, we can redirect the emotion behind it. So the person feels liberated and is balanced in their present moment.

Complete healing only occurs, if by re-establishing the archetype the person who at this moment has a wider field of vision over his life, is able to establish the beneficial changes that will lead him/her to redirect toward a homeostasis Apart from this, we can achieve that the emotion does not transcend the physical, which as we know in part the unresolved emotions are those that in the long run can make us sick.