My dear friends, this week we will talk about how we can help our furry friends with flower essences.

I recommend you a very good book written by Laura Cutullo who is a veterinary surgeon and homeopath and who has been working with flower essences in her practice in Italy for more than 20 years. She has written several books related to food, natural therapies and flower essences for our four-legged friends, including our beloved cats.

This wonderful book by Laura Cutullo “The North American flower essences for pets” a reference for anyone who wants to help their dog or cat with flower Essences.

-There are many ways to offer the essences to our dogs, the most usual way would be to include it in their daily water.

-Also in their food portion would be a valid option, here are some other options as well.

-Spray on his coat

-Put the essences in a tasty treat

-Put the essences on your hands and stroke them, best on the tummy area, which has better absorption. Especially if they are soothing essences.

-Fabric filters in specific colours

-Bottle filled with your recipe and hang it on their collar or harness, touching their fur.

Let’s look at each option in detail and discuss their pros and cons.

Daily water. 

What it has in its favour for us humans is that it is a simple way to include personalised flower essences.

On the downside, we cannot measure exactly how much water our dog drinks, so it is difficult to assess the consistency of the intake. On the other hand, if our dog is large, he will need more drops in his portion of water, and often without finishing drinking it, we usually refresh it, change it for a new one, which means that our bottle of essences runs out sooner without really using it.

It can also happen that the dog stops drinking the water, because for them it offers a different smell, we know that dogs have a much more developed sense of smell than humans. Several studies indicate that dogs have 50 times more olfactory receptors. Suppose that we have about 5 million olfactory cells, dogs would have between 200 and 300 million, plus the brain area dedicated to smell is 40 times larger in dogs than in humans.

Food portion

Also in its favour would be the easy administration of the essences. The disadvantage is the assessment and monitoring of the intake of the essences.  Does your dog eat its entire ration? do you feed it 1, 2,3 times a day? or do you usually leave the food in its bowl and let them eat?

Spray on his coat

This option is very valid for one-off essence prescriptions or for treatment prescriptions in a row. It is easy to administer and does not leak, on the downside is that the dog may be scared of the water spray coming, especially if they are skittish and I also feel it is not as effective for specific treatments but rather for one-off situations and I would say for more calming essences combos and not so much to help them with behavioural challenges.

If you still like this way, try to spray the environment and have the dog pass or be there, without spraying directly on them.

Put the essences in a tasty treat

If we cannot measure the intake of the personalised recipe, a good way to supplement it would be to administer a tasty treat and put the drops on top of it. It is also a good way to use a simple Bach Rescue 7, Findhorn First Aid or Fes Animal relief to calm down in certain situations.

Put the essences on your hands and stroke them, best on the tummy area, which has better absorption. Especially if they are soothing essences.

Putting a few drops on the palms of your hands and stroking your dog works very well in stressful situations, which not only benefit from the essences but are enhanced by the soothing action of their human guide.

Fabric filters in specific colours

I really like this option, I designed it as a support or reinforcement to the daily stipulated intakes. It is very easy to do and the dog only has to wear it close to his collar or harness, as close as possible to his coat.

Buy a colour filter, look for the colours that are so that the dog’s eyes can see them. We humans have 150 cones and trichromatic vision, with a sensitivity to the colours red, blue and green, while the dog has only 40 cones, so it has dichromatic vision, being sensitive to blue and yellow. So a pastel blue would be a calming and relaxing colour for dogs. Then put in the filter a few drops of their combination and put it on top of them near their fur.

Bottle filled with your recipe and hang it on their collar or harness, touching their fur.

In many shops where flower essences are sold, you can find small bottles that are hollow inside and are used for essential oils or flower essences.  You can fill the bottle with the formula you have for your dog, and as it is small, leave it hanging on the collar or harness to keep it working. It is true that I also like it better as a support for regular intakes.

Flower essences administered up the nose.

This is an effective, gentle way of administering the essences. Often our dogs may stop drinking their water, or eating their food, because of the “different” smell of the food, and it puts them on their guard.
You can put the drops directly on to their nose, and as a reflex action, they will savour their tongue and suck their nose with it. This is a very practical way of administering the essences to them, without forcing them to put them in their mouth, as we should open it normally.

So far this post, I hope you liked it, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask them below.  Thanks for reading please like and subscribe.