Wild Oat is one of the 38 essences of Bach’s philosophy that is part of the group two “flowers for uncertainty” and is one of the 7 healers.

It is an essence that is not usually given to dogs, as it addresses vocational disorientation and the reorientation of activities at an adult stage.

When we take into account that the Canis Lupus Familiaris called domesticated dog. Is a subspecies of the wolf “Canis Lupus”, and as such genetically keeps many characteristics from the wolf.

The wolf lives in packs, and each one has a function in the pack. They hunt in groups because they are stronger. When they move in distances the old wolves are what go ahead marking the rhythm, they mark with their scents, by naming some characteristics.

The Canis Lupus familiaris firstly in their domestication they have modified their original habits. Now they live in homes with humans as a family, who are another species. We give them their food regularly, so they should not go out hunting. We offer them their established walks to do their needs, and even gather them in specific areas to play.

Basically we become their centre, their family, their pack, without us they are lost, they are totally dependent on us for everything.

They are like children, but they will never grow up, they will always be depending on us. They spend hours waiting for us every day, to go for their daily walk, with more or less time of dedication due to our accelerated way of life. They wait anxiously for their food, which with a bit of luck we manage to give them at more or less regular times, and with a bit of success, if our busy schedule allows it, we can play with them for a while.
Do we really believe that their needs are met?

All this can give, depending on the dog it self, (that is part of a breed and that in turn is part of a species), a feeling of confusion in relation to the direction of their own life. If the dog enters into a state of apathy and loss, together with Wild Rose the Wild Oat essence, can make them feel motivated and have a sense of purpose in life.

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