In 2013 I received a request to rebalance a home, she and her husband lived in an apartment, although she was the person who lived there for the most part and had some strange health problems. I say strange because when she went to the doctor they never found anything but she was not feeling well. Years later, the building was under construction for more than a year because it contained in all the dwellings asbestos, which studies show that constant exposure to asbestos is related to an increased risk of lung cancer and mesothelioma, which is a cancer of the thin membranes that line the inside of the chest and abdomen.

At that time this information was not known, but since she did not find any improvement, she went to an expert in rebalancing the zones through Feng Shui method, and was advised to paint certain rooms with the appropriate colours for the bagua plan. This was in order to enhance certain areas of the house and balance others.
My purpose was to balance and above all to cleanse the stagnant energies that were in each room and I suggested to include a specific combination to the paint that would later be applied to the walls.
Ecological paints with natural dyes which in turn through the colour therapy “Chromotherapy” already offers specific vibrations of wellbeing, and we enhance it by adding a combination of flower essences.
For example in their bedroom they both suffered from insomnia, we prepared for this room relaxing essences that induce sleep and balance the biorhythms of the person. In the office, certain essences help concentration and creative inspiration.
After a short time my client was able to enjoy a subsequent improvement in her health before she had to relocate permanently to another city for her job.